Aaron Friesen


April 24, 2021

Download: Linux Windows or play online

Soundtrack: Minieval OST

git clone https://frie.dev/minieval.git

A tiny medieval city builder, inspired by Islanders.

How to Play

In Minieval, your goal is to earn as many victory points (VP) as you can in a limited number of turns. You can earn VP by placing buildings, but buildings cost gold (GP) to build. You can see your current GP and VP on the top left.

The GP and VP you earn from a building are affected by the buildings next to it. For example, placing a house next to a shop will earn you more GP, but placing 2 shops next to each other will cost you more GP due to competition.

Roads can be used to connect buildings that are otherwise out of range. Any buildings connected by a road will interact with ALL buildings on that same road network. These interactions will only affect the GP you gain from the building, and NOT the VP.

Buildings can't be destroyed, but you can always undo your last move.



Assets and Tools