Aaron Friesen

I make free software, games, and music, all of which can be found here.

My email address is my first name at this domain. Here is my PGP public key.

To submit a patch for any of my projects, use git send-email.


Corsair Warfare

May 8, 2023

Challenge your scurvy mates to a local multiplayer skirmish on the high seas!

Download: Linux Windows or play online

git clone https://frie.dev/corsair-warfare.git


November 13, 2022

The celestial conjunction is nigh. Assemble your cult and seek out mystical artifacts to summon forth the elder gods, but be wary: the Watch is ever vigilant. Originally made in under 34 hours for the UNL Game Development Club's first game jam in 2022, with the theme "stay out of sight".

Download: Linux Windows or play online

git clone https://frie.dev/unknowable.git

Die Krypta

July 17, 2022

Roll yourself through the crypt and attack with each of your faces. Made in under 12 hours for the 2022 GMTK Game Jam.

Download: Linux Mac Windows or play online

Soundtrack: Die Krypta OST

git clone https://frie.dev/die-krypta.git


October 4, 2021

Slay robots in this top-down arena shooter inspired by Devil Daggers by Sorath and 2DDD by Bintr.

Download: Linux Mac Windows or play online


git clone https://frie.dev/terminated.git


April 24, 2021

A tiny medieval city builder, inspired by Islanders.

Download: Linux Windows or play online

Soundtrack: Minieval OST

git clone https://frie.dev/minieval.git
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Minius Maximus

February 16, 2020

A turn-based strategy puzzler for the 2020 K-State Game Jam. You can freely change your stats during combat, but when one stat goes up, another must go down.

Download: Mac Windows

Soundtrack: Minius Maximus OST

git clone https://frie.dev/minius-maximus.git


August 7, 2018

A generic traditional roguelike made with Python and tcod as part of the 2018 r/roguelikedev Does The Complete Roguelike Tutorial event. Can you reach the bottom floor of the dungeon in one piece?

pip install genericrawl git clone https://frie.dev/genericrawl.git


June 29, 2017

EverSector is a space simulation roguelike where you pilot a starship through a procedurally generated galaxy.


git clone https://frie.dev/eversector.git



February 5, 2023

vw (vim wiki) is yet another system for maintaining a simple personal wiki using vim and markdown.

git clone https://frie.dev/vw.git


January 23, 2022

MusiCLI (pronounced "musically") is a MIDI sequencer that runs entirely in the terminal.

git clone https://frie.dev/musicli.git


November 7, 2021

Arghonaut is an interactive interpreter, visualizer, and debugger for Argh! and Aargh!, which are Befunge-like esoteric programming languages by Sascha Wilde.

pip install arghonaut git clone https://frie.dev/arghonaut.git


November 27, 2020

A Python implementation of the Boost board game designed by Dr. Brady J. Garvin. It can be run interactively on the terminal, or as a Discord bot.

pip install boost-game git clone https://frie.dev/boost.git
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June 22, 2017

AsciiPanel Windowing Toolkit (APWT) is a set of classes and utilities that will make working with AsciiPanel on a larger scale much easier. It includes support for screens, text windows, multicolored strings, and constants for different CP437 characters.

git clone https://frie.dev/apwt.git


Die Krypta OST

July 24, 2022

Die Krypta OST Cover Art


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