Aaron Friesen


November 13, 2022

Download: Linux Windows or play online

git clone https://frie.dev/unknowable.git

The celestial conjunction is nigh.

Assemble your cult and seek out mystical artifacts to summon forth the elder gods, but be wary: the Watch is ever vigilant.

Originally made in under 34 hours for the UNL Game Development Club's first game jam in 2022, with the theme "stay out of sight". For the version of the game completed during the jam, checkout tag v0.1.0.

How to Play

In UNKNOWABLE, your goal is gather 5 artifacts before the celestial conjunction in one year (52 weeks).

Every turn, each cultist will contribute toward their task's progress. Drag a cultist to a task to reassign them. When you are content with your cultists' assignments, press "End Turn" to pass the week.


UNKNOWABLE can be played using only the mouse.

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UNKNOWABLE was created by Aaron Friesen.